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    Why the name?

    justaffect - an opportunity to empower

    justaffect - an opportunity to empower

    The name for this website is all about living a just life. Treating people fairly, standing against injustice where ever you see it and living with integrity.  We know that lots of small individual choices and actions can add up to affect the world around us in a positive way.

    We may not be able to change the whole world or fix all the many problems there are, however, this should not prevent us from doing what we can do. After spending 3.5 years living and working in Kolkata we have seen first hand the difference that economic empowerment makes to the lives of women living in slum communities.  After returning to New Zealand we wanted to stay connected to these communities and do what we can to support their work.

    It was a great privilege to place our first order of products and build this website.  Every step of the way we have been reminded of the power of our choices.  The products these talented women make are excellent quality and look wonderful, even better than that, is the fact that your bag, blanket or card is produced ethically. The women making these products are treated with respect, encouraged to learn new skills and are paid fairly for their hard work.