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    We exist to showcase the beautiful work of ConneXions artisans.  ConneXions is situated on the edge of three slum communities in Kolkata India.  They work to empower women with dignified employment.  Their incredible handmade quilts are carefully stitched in kantha style. Their wonderful re-purposed sari bags are sewn together on site by a great team of sewing machinists and their intricate cards are carefully constructed with handmade paper and rice straw.

    Most of their products are produced via home based production.  This is an important part of ConneXions success, respecting their community and working within their existing limitations and traditional structure.  Being an artisan for ConneXions means learning new skills and growing in confidence as their status and influence is reconsidered in the light of their economic contribution. Working from home means they are able to participate in income generation while still managing their many domestic responsibilities.

    Best of all it means independence, choice and hope for a brighter future.