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    Kantha is an ancient traditional Indian stitching style. Before machine looms were invented all cloth was woven by hand and re-used and repurposed for as long as possible.  Kantha stitch is the art of applying perfectly straight lines of running stitch across the whole length and width of cloth that has been laid out in multiple layers.

    The intricate stitching creates a quilted look and feel.  The sari in India has been traditionally worn for generations and is still seen every day in Kolkata streets.  They are incredibly vibrant in their varied colours and patterns.  A sari is a five-metre length of fabric that is draped around the body.

    In Kolkata, there is an abundant supply of second-hand saris and good quality saris are purchased then carefully washed and checked ready to be repurposed into a stunning Kantha stitched blankets and bags. Using six layers of saris a blanket is delicately created using stitching 1cm long in rows 1cm apart.  The blankets are also double sided meaning you get two colour and pattern options for each blanket.

    Patches are a part of the vintage re-purposing process. If imperfections are discovered matching patches are neatly stitched by hand and add to their unique handmade beauty.