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    Purchasing a just-affect blanket is a conscious decision to not simply buy a blanket, but use your purchasing power to be a consumer committed to being just, treating people and our environment justly and affecting positive change in this world. Your blanket will be unique, double sided and loved for years to come.

    Kantha stitch is an ancient Indian style of long stitch and was used repurpose cotton sari's.  Originally cotton was all handloomed and greatly valued because of the time and expense involved in producing a length of cotton. For women then and now the Sari 5 metres of beautifully patterned cotton or silk is the daily garment of choice and the streets of Kolkata are filled with the colour and beauty of women draped in saris.  With millions of saris worn everyday there is a huge second hand market and good quality saris are sourced so that they can be repurposed into blankets.

    6 layers of saris are carefully laid out and fine incredibly straight lines or stitches 1cm apart and 1cm in length are applied to the entire blanket.  This creates a magnificent quilted effect and firmly holds together the 6 layers of sari.  If there are any small imperfections small delicate patches are applied.  The end result is a one of a kind, double sided cotton blanket that will last and be loved for years to come. It also uses fully recycled sustainable materials and can be washed without fear shrinking.

    Even better is the knowledge that your blanket has been hand stitched by a talented woman using her skill to earn a livelihood, work with pride and dignity while building a bright future for herself and her family.